After two months, I was going down stairs so easily.  It’s been well worth it.  90% improved.

Penny P.

Charlotte, NC

I can really see a big improvement on my knees. Is it possible I’m a late bloomer??? I was improved by 50%, but much more so now! Very happy with the results!

B. Isola

Black Mountain, NC

I had both knees and both hips done with Stem Cell Carolina. I couldn’t get up out of a chair, and now it’s no problem. I couldn’t walk one mile before, now I can walk 6. I can cross my legs to put on my socks for the first time in over a year. I’m 10/10 very satisfied and my boyfriend “hates you” because I’m so active now! The creaking is gone in my knees as well. You made my life so much better! I’m really happy I did this and have highly recommended you. Thank you for giving me my life back! Please feel free to have anyone interested in doing this contact me!

Cheryl N.

Charlotte, NC

I can lift my arm over my head for the first time in six months. Very big improvement. Far better than surgery. I’m 95% improved.

R. Drury

Polkton, NC

I was experiencing a very unpleasant pain in my right hip. Walking and sleeping were getting more and more painful. I consulted my local medical physician. After several x-rays, he came to the conclusion that I had arthritis inflammation between the joints. He prescribed some medicine. After 4 weeks the pain was not gone, he recommended to visit Ortho………., Dr._________. After intensive physical exams, he recommended a hip replacement. I was not willing to accept this kind of procedure and was looking for alternative treatments. I contacted Stem Cell Carolina, and after 7 months I can confirm this treatment was very successful and my pain is nearly gone.

D. Rathke

Charlotte, NC

I’m happy: 9/10 Satisfied. I can reach to do my toes and put my socks on by myself and put my right foot on my left knee for the first time in two years!” I tell everyone and I came all the way from Brevard, NC.

S. Smith

Brevard, NC

I can do anything I want to now. All my expectations have been met. I’m 100% pain free at eight months and I was at two months after my injection.

D. Helms

Marshville, NC

I walked 70 miles around Paris, London, Wales, and Ireland over eight days two months after my injection.  I can go up and down stairs without pain. My knee still clicked like it has for years for five months, but for the past three, even that has completely gone! My orthopedist in Charlotte told me I had to have a knee replacement and I’m pain free. I thank you every day.

L. Hinson

Monroe, NC

I thought I had to have a hip replacement. My hip is no longer caving in like it was – I can even lay on my right side now after four months. Overall, I’m 80-90% better and actually my right hip feels stronger than my left one and my left one used to be my good one!

M. Slowiaczek

Charlotte, NC

Went to the “competition” (or so they thought) and they wanted to go to the extreme! They told me I needed a knee replacement and wanted lots of $$$. Thank God I have a friend who came here!  She referred me and within two weeks, I was 90% better with my knee!! I couldn’t be more satisfied – plus I have added more services and found a “new family” for my physical needs. Feels like a family to me anyway!!! Thank you Dr. Schmitt and Holly Schmitt, NP and EVERYONE :)!!!

Jill M.

Charlotte, NC

100% improved, excellent progress! I can do anything I want to now and am very well satisfied with the results, thank you.

J. Phillips

Charlotte, NC

I was ready to give up to the fact that I would be taking loads of pain killers to be able to be mobile with not being able or wanting to go through knee and hip replacement when a friend told me about his success with hip/knee stem cell injections so I made the appointment with Dr. Schmitt. I was so impressed with his knowledge along with his caring demeanor, which is the person he and his wife Holly are! They have a great team of individuals working with them. The only issue I have is that I wish I could have found them 10 years earlier!

Cheryl N.

Charlotte, NC

100% pain reduction. I feel like a poster child for you. You guys are my heroes, I’ve enjoyed the experience. I’m 10/10 very satisfied.

Kathy W.

Charlotte, NC

I have 95% less pain. I’m golfing without pain. I’m happy to not have to have a hip replacement and wrote a letter to Medicare telling them I saved them $28,000 by not having a hip replacement! I feel comfortable now and look forward to playing tennis now.

Dieter R.

Charlotte, NC

My wife, Pauline and I are both in our mid-sixties and have injuries to our knees, neck, and back. Pauline had fallen several times on her left knee resulting in tissue injuries and arthritis had set in. Her left knee was popping and locking, which impacted her ability to walk, exercise, and perform daily living skills.

I had a partial knee replacement of my right knee in March 2016. I tore my left meniscus in 2009 and consequently had arthroscopic surgery to repair the damage. Over time the knee joint began to wear to a point where the joint was bone on bone. We were both at a point where it was painful to walk and resulted in misalignment of our torsos, limping, and had continuous discomfort from our necks to our toes. I scheduled knee surgery for my left knee right after we relocated to Charlotte.

Pauline found Dr. Schmitt of Atlas Integrated Healthcare, Matthews, NC. His practice with his wife, Holly Schmitt, NP provides PRP/Stem Cell therapy for joint injuries with amazing results for many patients. Pauline and I both had the stem cell treatment for our left knees on February 28, 2017. Within the first two weeks following the procedure, we both experienced significant improvement and continued healing of our knee joints.

We vacationed in Florida at the end of March and our relatives were amazed that for the first time in the past two years I was once again walking straight without limping. I cancelled my knee surgery and hope the results will prevent my having surgery in the future.

Pauline has done extremely well with her knee and we are stretching, exercising, and looking forward to more outdoor activities. Pauline attended a conference in Las Vegas in August of this year, which required a lot of standing and walking up and down stairs with 40 steps, covering 4-5 miles a day pain free.

We recommend the PRP/ Stem Cell Therapy to anyone as an alternative to surgery. The process is painless and doesn’t require recovery, physical therapy, and long recovery time associated with surgery. It also eliminates the high risk associated with surgery and medications.

Our sincere thanks to Dr. Schmitt and his wife Holly for their help in getting us back to a better state of health.


Pauline and Tim B.

As a lifelong athlete, the thought of not being able to participate in physical activity was extremely alarming!  I have had a number of knee surgeries (13) during my life, mostly so I could continue competing. When I felt the familiar, “the meniscus is going to tear feeling “again I told myself, enough was enough. Time to investigate stem cells seriously.

I picked Stem Cell Carolina because of the knowledge and passion Dr. Schmitt conveyed during my initial meeting discussing the use of stem cells and the methodology they used.

Once the decision was made and the procedure took place, my athletic life resumed beyond my wildest expectations!  I have more speed and agility than I’ve had in years.  I have no or minimal swelling and very little discomfort. And as I understand it, the magic little stem cells are going to continue to work their magic for months to come! I plan to do a second injection this fall in my shoulder.

Sharon M.

Sun City, Indian Land, SC

For 2 years, I suffered from aches and pains in my left knee.  In recent months, that pain worsened to severe knee discomfort, especially when walking on a hard surface.  I made an appointment to see Dr. Michael Schmitt, who informed me after reviewing X-rays, I was a candidate for the Stem Cell injection.  Dr. Schmitt explained everything in a way that was easily understood and all my questions were answered which made me very comfortable proceeding with the procedure.  I received the injection in April, and four months later, the X-rays showed a significant space and cushion between the bones in my knee.  I now walk and climb stairs without any discomfort whatsoever.  Stem Cell Carolina was the best decision I could have made.  Since my right knee is the same age as my left knee, I will definitely have the Stem Cell injection again, if needed!”

S. Staley

Charlotte, NC

My wife and I are in our early 60s. After years of struggling with the effects of athletic injuries and arthritis, we each had a total knee replacement. At the time of our surgeries, we were told that a second knee replacement was probably inevitable. We tried to stay active, but we both experienced increasing pain in our natural knees. The aches were intense enough at times to wake us up at night. We tried to manage our situations with prescription arthritis medication and over-the-counter pain relievers. In September 2015, my pain was an 8 and my wife’s was a 6 on a 1 (no pain) to 10 (disabling pain) scale.  We came to Atlas for stem cell injections hoping they might help us reduce our pain and put off another knee replacement. It made sense to us to use God’s natural builders to repair our damaged knees. Our results have been nothing short of amazing. Six months later, the aches and pains that were our constant companions before our injections are now only occasional visitors. My pain level is a 3 and my wife’s is 0! We are looking forward to many years of healthy activity together and with our very active family.

T. and C. Sellers

Cornelius, NC

I’ve had my other knee replaced TWICE due to faulty equipment.  I noticed the results right away!  I’m at least 90% improved and can go up and down steps without having to pull myself up.  Let me say this: The best money I ever spent!

J. Carpenter

As a physician, I look at all the “amazing new treatments”.  At 63, I hobbled on my right knee for four months and tried cortisone injections after having performed cortisone injections, perhaps thousands of them for patients for many years.  In my case, it lasted a month.  I did PT and a daily dose of Ibuprofen and Tylenol which took the edge off, but I could barely go up stairs.  I was literally thinking about what it’s like to get knee replacement, what it’s like to be demoted to using a walker for the rest of one’s life.  I am convinced that adipose (fat) derived growth factors mixed with PRP works for more advanced cases rather than the establishment recommendations of X-ray / MRI/ visit with orthopedic surgeon/knee scope – not better after 6-12 months and then recommendation for knee replacement.  I believe that knee replacement surgery will continue to be an important treatment for some, but honestly, only those who fail these new regenerative processes.  Is it worth it?  YOU BETCHA, if it works for you!  As with all medical procedures, nothing is 100% effective, but to avoid knee replacement surgery, think about it!   I highly recommend this for people who have failed other conservative measures (several months of anti-inflammatory medications, possibly a cortisone injection) and are considering the X-ray / MRI / visit with an orthopedic surgeon/knee scope routine.

A. Zacher, MD

Years of soccer, hiking, biking, and working in a position leaning hard to my left topped off with training for a “mud run” in my mid-40s, and bam! – my right knee went out on me and I found myself walking up the stairs sideways for six weeks on OTCs, then prescriptions, then therapy, then MRI, then Orthopedic consult – that prompted the suggestion for me to look into stem cell  /visco-supplementation therapy.  Only the orthopedists themselves couldn’t do it as they were bound by performing only what insurance and “corporate healthcare” would allow them to.  I was faced with a “Microfracture” surgical procedure and I was missing work.  After my injection, within 7 days, I could bend down at my knees; at two weeks, I could bounce on my toes; at three weeks, I could spring up and down; at four weeks, I could walk up the stairs straight, at three months I could walk DOWN the stairs straight.  I did my exercises and was back on my mountain bike riding like I was 25 again (irresponsibly of course) in four months and rode down 25 black diamond ski runs at six months out from my injection. – Is it worth it??  YES!

Michael S.


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