Regenerative Medicine Injection Options in Charlotte, NC

regenerative medicine injections in Charlotte NC
Opti-Flex – Platelet Rich Plasma via the Arthrex Angel System

Opti-Flex is Stem Cell Carolina’s PRP option.  

Platelets are critical for injury healing and are the best anti-inflammatory for your own areas of tissue damage.  Just 1% of your own blood is platelets!  Your body’s first response to injury is to rush platelets to the area.  Platelets initiate repair and attract stem cells to your injured tendons, ligaments, and joints.  

This is critically important due to the fact that these tissues have such poor vascularization, thus the susceptibility to accelerated degeneration!  

To maximize the effectiveness, Stem Cell Carolina uses the Arthrex Angel Centrifuge system that produces the highest concentration of growth factors and healing platelets in the regenerative medicine industry.  

PRP maximizes the number of platelets and growth factors while minimizing the number of red blood cells.  PRP stimulates and accelerates the body’s natural healing process.  Steroid injections contribute towards the acceleration of arthritis of the very same area it is injected into while increasing the chance of rupture and increasing your blood sugar!


With Stem Cell Carolina’s Acu-Stem option, you start with Opti-Flex and then include one of three stem cell therapy options.  (We’ll discuss your best option between adipose and bone marrow).  

Stem cell therapy is a truly DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGY that is transforming every aspect of healthcare!  We are releasing your own TRAPPED healing potential within you by using protocols that are impossible for your body to reject! (You can’t reject “yourself”!)

Stem cells literally stimulate the growth of new tissue including cartilage, muscle, and tendon!  Where the stem cells are injected, inflammatory markers called “Chemokines,” which are a type of cytokine, attract other “construction cells” to areas of injury and inflammation. Imagine “workers cells” (growth factors) layering “scaffolding” to stimulate the reconstruction of tissue where yours is damaged. Stem cells release proteins and growth factors to help control pain and inflammation in your body.  

The evidence for stem cell based injections demonstrates decreased pain scores and increases in activities and function.


Opti-Stem includes Opti-Flex (PRP) + AcuStem (PRP+ Stem Cell Therapy); however, there is an injection PRIOR TO these.  

This “Prep-Injection” is used to treat pain in patients with joint inflammation (osteoarthritis). Think of it as a “fertilizer” for your joint called hyaluronic acid that is a naturally occurring substance found in the synovial fluid surrounding joints. It acts as a lubricant to enable bones to move smoothly over each other and as a shock absorber for joint loads, thereby decreasing pain.  

(This injection and the manufacturer used is often determined by your insurance / Medicare plan.)  

The Opti-Stem option provides the ULTIMATE “Preparation” to optimize the environment to maximize the potential for effectiveness of your stem cell therapy procedure.


Opti-Flex + Opti-Stem + A booster injection of PRP 2-6 weeks after your Stem Cell Injection.  

This option provides both the OVERALL (BEFORE & AFTER your stem cell injection) best environment to optimize your regenerative medicine experience and potential for tissue regeneration. It is strongly advised for those with advanced degenerative conditions.  Dr. Ahmad will review with you if this is a choice you should consider.

Remember, Dr. Ahmad’s 5 step plan will provide you with the best opportunity to repair, reconstruct, and regenerate your damaged joints and tissue.  Dr. Ahmad also practices and is highly skilled in traditional interventional pain management procedures. With his COMBINED experience, you will leave with the CONFIDENCE that you are in very well trained and EXPERIENCED hands.  

Are you ready to make the most of what you have to work with? 

Are you ready to avoid surgery and enjoy life again?  Let’s make that happen today! Ask us about our regenerative medicine injections in Charlotte, NC.

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