It seems unnatural but when you suffer from tired and achy joints, movement can be the best thing for them. Getting daily movement and activity can be an adventure, and Charlotte hosts a number of activities that are joint friendly and fun!


If you’re dealing with achy and inflamed joints and have run the gamut on treatment options, you may be an excellent candidate for stem cell therapy. At Stem Cell Carolina, our stem cell center offers stem cell therapy that effectively treats joint and tendon concerns. Seek relief and be kind to your joints, and join us for the best joint friendly activities in Charlotte.  

Having healthy joints is imperative to how you live and experience life. Keeping your joints healthy helps you avoid problems like arthritis, bursitis, and dislocations. The best way to keep our joints and tendons healthy is to maintain a healthy weight, eat a healthy diet, and get movement in every day. Joint health is also maintained by avoiding chronic stress and maintaining a relaxed state.


Joint Friendly Charlotte


Support your joints and get movement with the many activities around Charlotte. A sedentary lifestyle can promote the joints, tendons, and ligaments to break down — the less movement you have, the more stiff and rigid you’ll feel. So, get out and move and find an activity that you enjoy.




Head on over to The Yoga Center at 8th Street Studio or Enlighten Yoga to support your joints. Finding joint relief can help when you strengthen the supporting muscles around them, and yoga is the perfect low-impact for activity for this. When you have weaker muscles, it means your body has to rely on the joints and tendons for support.




Hit the path on your bike and travel the beautiful Freedom Park or McAlpine Creek and see Charlotte in a whole new light. Cycling can help to improve your posture while strengthening your leg muscles for improving mobility and coordination. Not only is it great for your joints, it’s great for cardiovascular health and stress reduction.




Charlotte is home to many indoor and outdoor places to swim to help take the gravity off of your joints. Check out the Mecklenburg County Aquatic Center or Southpark Swim and Tennis Park and dip your joints into comfort! Swimming is another low-impact activity that creates a weightless buoyancy great for joint health.




Walking you can get in anywhere! Peruse downtown Charlotte by foot or soak in the vitamin D on Little Sugar Creek Greenway. Walking strengthens supporting muscles for stability and helps to lower stress levels and calm your body.  


Having healthy joints makes living life more enjoyable — everyday activities can be done with less pain. The more you move the less stiff your joints we’ll feel, so consider taking up yoga, cycling, swimming, or walking to keep your joints happy and healthy!


At Stem Cell Carolina, we understand the difficulties you may face with a tendon or joint that just won’t heal. Our stem cell center provides patients with the ability to heal from and experience less painful symptoms related to their joints.


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