Introductory Webinar for Stem Cell Carolina

Meet Dr. Usman Ahmad, our board-certified, fellowship-trained interventional pain physician! Dr. Ahmad has a 5 step plan to help you avoid surgery and ease your pain through regenerative medicine such as stem cell therapy and PRP therapy

At Stem Cell Carolina, our state-of-the-art technology and advanced techniques give patients the best outcomes. Our goal is to create the ultimate opportunities to regenerate your damaged joints and soft tissues to improve your mobility and quality of life

Learn more about Dr. Ahmad’s plan and the benefits of regenerative medicine in under 10 minutes from the comfort of your home. Sign up to watch this exclusive video and get honest answers on how to break free of the pain cycle!

  1. At Stem Cell Carolina, Dr. Ahmad, a HIGHLY trained physician rather than a nurse practitioner or physician assistant, performs your injections.
  2. We utilize the most advanced technology using viable stem cells (not “regenerative cells“).
  3. Our regenerative medicine treatments are more affordable than any office in the Charlotte, NC region!
Dr. Usman Ahmad of Stem Cell Carolina offers stem cell therapy and prp therapy in Charlotte, NC

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