Meet Dr. Ahmad!

Dr. Usman Ahmad of Stem Cell Carolina, the regenerative division of Advanced Sports and Spine in Charlotte, NC

Charlotte’s only Board Certified Interventional Pain Physician whose fellowship training included REGENERATIVE MEDICINE PROTOCOLS!

Stem Cell Carolina @ Advanced Sports and Spine offers multiple stem cell and regenerative therapy options by a board certified interventional pain physician (a non-surgical orthopedist).

You or someone you care about has 5 goals!

  1. Avoid surgery and the potential complications!
  2. Eliminate / greatly reduce pain!
  3. Maximize function so you can enjoy life again!
  4. A realistic PLAN to accomplish this and the CONFIDENCE that Dr. Ahmad can make it happen!
  5. An affordable way to get there!


You need to meet Dr. Ahmad and his team. Dr. Ahmad is the man with the 5 step plan! Dr. Ahmad’s goal with Non-Surgical Orthopedics is to accomplish your 5 goals!  With advanced residency and fellowship training in BOTH traditional medical procedures for pain management AND REGENERATIVE MEDICINE procedures, Dr. Ahmad is at the forefront of what you wish your “regular doctor / orthopedist would do for you!”

Many (not all) of Dr. Ahmad’s procedures are covered by major medical insurance / Medicare.  So, regardless of your situation, you will leave Dr. Ahmad’s office with A PLAN!  Understand that Dr. Ahmad is the region’s ONLY PHYSICIAN that practices BOTH traditional pain management procedures and Stem Cell – Regenerative injection procedures.  You will leave your initial consultation with CONFIDENCE that Dr. Ahmad’s training and extensive experience will provide you with the most realistic and affordable route to accomplish your 5 goals.

What’s your “Baseline”?

You will have a comprehensive evaluation including a pinpoint orthopedic evaluation with muscle testing and x-rays to thoroughly review “how you got here”, and what exactly is the “squeaky wheel that needs grease?”

Next, Dr. Ahmad will evaluate your joint and tendons with an ultrasound. Ultrasound allows him to look functionally at many joints, tendons, and nerves so he can make a more accurate diagnosis.

For diagnosis and treatment, Dr. Ahmad combines his experience in sports medicine, interventional pain management, ultrasound diagnostics, and newer regenerative medicine options to help heal chronic injuries.

By using a comprehensive approach, injuries are accurately diagnosed and factors that may have contributed to the injury are identified. This allows us to provide effective treatment and customized therapy.  By establishing your “Baseline”, we have something to compare to as you progress!


There have been some recent fascinating advancements regarding degenerated joint support, some of which are covered even by insurance!

It’s understood that the inside of an arthritic, chronically-inflamed joint has very little oxygen (there are no arteries inside joints).  High levels of bad enzymes can break down cartilage, damage tissue, and cause pain. Think of it this way…  When you have a shot, the nurse wipes down the area of your skin to disinfect the area, right?  Well…

“Joint Preparation” really means “cleaning out and minimizing” the components of the inflammatory process that could slow down the effectiveness of your stem cell – regenerative injection.  This has nothing to do with steroids (cortisone)!

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) has a high concentration of growth factors and healing proteins. PRP has a strong anti-inflammatory effect and helps prevent breakdown of cartilage in joints. It also promotes tissue growth and supports restoration of osteoarthritic (OA) joints.

Scientific evidence supports PRP as a key factor for slowing osteoarthritis at the molecular level. PRP has powerful proteins and growth factors that help reduce degradation in the arthritic joints. The concentration of these growth factors and proteins are low in arthritic joints so there isn’t protection against catabolic (breakdown) factors found in the synovial fluid. PRP provides protection for the joints from pain and wearing out and promotes healing.

PRP protects the cartilage by binding to and breaking down degradation proteases. PRP also acts to bind and regulate cytokines (the small proteins that signal or send messages to other cells) and growth factors. It also blocks all known causes of cartilage degradation. This helps promote healing, lessen pain, increase tissue strength, and improve overall joint function.

PRP keeps cartilage from breaking down and shuts down the destructive inflammatory proteins found in your joints. When performed in the early stages of OA, PRP injections may slow the progression of OA, ease pain, reduce or prevent cartilage loss, and promote tissue growth and support for joint regeneration.

How does Dr. Ahmad accomplish this? – We’re glad you asked!

Dr. Ahmad uses the Angel® System to produce the concentration of substance needed for the treatment. This machine uses 3-sensor technology (3ST) that can be configured to customize PRP and stem cell concentrations.

The Angel® System is used nationally in many of the best orthopedic programs in the field and major medical institutions.  This system is a fully automated machine that has the capacity to adjust PRP and stem cell concentrations for your specific condition.

Bracing:  Most commonly a brace is prescribed for knee patients who demonstrate clinical indications of necessity based on our examination and imaging findings. If you are indeed a candidate, use of a properly fit brace will be explained. The purpose is to provide stability pre- and post-injection.

Think about it this way:  The stem cell injection includes producing a micro injury in the joint. As a result, you can expect the joint to be sore.  This can be everything from minimally sore to very sore.  If there are criteria for your joint to require a brace, then IT’S EVEN MORE IMPORTANT to have a brace after this occurs to provide stability during the healing process!

Limited Activity (at first) – How much? This is based on YOUR particular situation.

Ideally, the stem cells can attach and then are protected as they differentiate into cartilage.

Unloading Knee Brace Protocol:

Wear your brace for 4 weeks during weight-bearing activities such as standing or walking. It does not need to be worn while sleeping or when sedentary. The alignment is changed each week using an allen wrench or the dial on the hinge as instructed by your physician.

Step 3: This is why you are here!

Stem cell therapy is one of the most innovative procedures that uses mesenchymal cells in treating injuries, pain, and damaged tissues. Stem cell therapy is truly disruptive technology! This is a non-surgical and non-opioid procedure that supplements the natural healing process and produces minimal to no risk of complications or adverse effects.

The use of stem cells for pain management treatment yields fast, effective, and lasting results. We use the patient’s own body and follow FDA minimal manipulation guidelines to ensure a safe and reliable procedure. Stem cell therapy harvests undifferentiated cells or “baby” cells from your own bone marrow or fat cells. Your own stem cells are typically taken from your hip or “love handles” and the bone marrow or fat is placed in a centrifuge to obtain mesenchymal stem cells. 

Dr. Ahmad combines these stem cells after concentration with the Arthrex Angel System or the Harvest Adipose system (The 2 best centrifuge systems in the regenerative medicine industry) with your own PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) to serve as “the signal” to activate the stem cells to create the optimal environment for cartilage / soft tissue regeneration!

Stem cells harness the healing power of your own body and work to repair your damaged joints and tissue that have worn out due to age, injury, or wear and tear. With the use of stem cells, we aim to help patients get back to their way of life.

Step 5: Joint Rehabilitation:

By now, you understand that healing is a two-way street.  Your doctor does his / her part and you have your work to do. It is understood in the regenerative medicine field that “loading” of your currently dysfunctional area of concern is essential to maximize your long-term outcomes. For efficient cartilage / tissue repair to occur, you will have to do your exercises. Based on your particular situation, Dr. Ahmad and his team will guide you whether it means a referral to physical therapy, home visits by a physical therapist, or you doing your own exercises – on a regular basis!

Please understand that not only is “loading” essential to stimulate the growth of damaged tissue, but the vast majority of patients that have regenerative procedures performed have significant muscular IMBALANCES that either RESULTED from their problem or were a contributing CAUSE of their pain and dysfunction!


At Advanced Sports & Spine / Stem Cell Carolina in Charlotte, we put our patients first! We offer individualized patient care that is specific to your unique needs. Remember, Dr. Ahmad practices BOTH traditional and regenerative medicine – This means you WILL walk away with a workable PLAN, no matter what.


If you’ve read this far, – you’re ready to make a change in your life!  It’s time to take action.  You are in charge of your health.  Regenerate your peak potential!

Stem Cell Carolina @ Advanced Sports & Spine provides affordable stem cell therapy and other regenerative medicine treatments for patients in the Charlotte area. Contact us today at 704-542-3988 to schedule an appointment.


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