Many people believe that joint pain is just a part of life and is an expected part of aging. This is a really unfortunate false myth. While life may result in pain, it is not something that must be simply dealt with, there are treatment options that may help. Here, we will discuss some of the common things that cause joint pain and how you can avoid submitting to the pain.


Exercise is a tricky beast. Too much of it and it can cause joint pain or injuries, and not enough and it can cause joint pain! The solution is to find a happy medium and exercise correctly. Joint pain and injuries during exercise can occur when you don’t warm up or stretch before an intense workout, you lift too much weight, you exercise through the pain, or when you do heavy impact activities. It is important to vary your routine and ensure that you are using your joints correctly while exercising. Runners should cross train a few times a week with something more low-impact like cycling or swimming and incorporate a few days of weight lifting. Weight lifting helps to develop the muscles above and below the joints to help support the joints.

Not exercising enough can also cause a lot of joint problems. Not only does lack of exercise contribute to being overweight or obese, which puts a lot of additional pressure on joints, but it also leads to muscle atrophy. Muscle atrophy is the breakdown of muscle tissue as a result if underuse or disease. When the muscle around joints deteriorates, the body must rely more on the joints for normal movements that should be supported by muscle, such as walking or standing. This puts a lot of stress on joints that can cause injury. Additionally, sedentary lifestyles result in underuse of the joints which can cause the lubrication of the joints to dwindle. When the body does need to use the joints, it can be incredibly uncomfortable. It is important to work out the recommended two and a half hours of moderate-intensity aerobic activity and two strength training days a week to maintain healthy muscle and joint health.


Repetitive Motion

Whether it is in our hobbies, our job, or everyday routines, most people make a lot of repetitive movements. This continuous use of the same body parts has an impact on the muscles, joints, and soft tissues. Using a mouse on a computer for hours a day can cause rotator cuff pain and tennis elbow, while cycling every time for your workout can cause knee and hip pain. It is important to vary your movements and reduce repetitive movements as much as possible.

If you have sustained a joint injury or developed a condition such as arthritis or fibromyalgia, you should not have to suffer through the pain as a normal part of life. At Stem Cell Carolina, we offer regenerative medicine options such as stem cell therapy and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy that can help you find lasting joint pain relief. If you suffer from joint pain, whether it is a new injury or chronic pain caused by an injury or disease process, contact our stem cell clinic in Charlotte, Stem Cell Carolina. Schedule your consultation today and find joint pain relief through regenerative medicine.

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