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Our regenerative medicine center can provide you with the treatment options and procedures that could make a difference in your life. You owe it to yourself to see what Stem Cell Carolina can do Get in touch with our regenerative medicine center today to get the joint pain relief you’ve been looking for!

Regenerative Therapies such as stem cell therapy and PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) are truly revolutionary and repair tissues in your body that are damaged due to age, disease, and defects. Mesenchymal stem cell therapy is an intervention that recruits “rescued” stem cells from inside the body and literally regenerates damaged tissues. Regenerative medicine has evolved with recent advances in tissue engineering technology.  The regenerative medicine injections at our stem cell center combine stem cells, “scaffolding”, cytokines, and growth factors to accelerate the natural healing process.  Literally, we are releasing your own TRAPPED healing potential you have within you!  Here at Stem Cell Carolina, we are using protocols that are SAFE, PROVEN, AND EFFECTIVE. Join the many who are providing THEMSELVES the building blocks to REGENERATE!

Stem Cell Therapy is the latest innovation in the field of science and medicine. There are different types of stem cell sources, including amniotic, cord blood based, bone marrow and adipose tissue (fat tissue). The current evidence supports adipose and Wharton’s Jelly / Cord Blood sources over amniotic fluid, bone marrow stem cell injections for cartilage based degenerative conditions. The evidence for stem cell injections demonstrates decreased pain scores, and increases in activities and function. Stem Cells literally grow new tissue and amazingly, differentiate into many different cell types in the body, including cartilage, muscle, tendon, nerve, red blood cells, heart cells, or brain cells! Where the stem cells are injected, inflammatory markers called “Chemokines” at the damaged tissue sites attract the “Cytokines” in the stem cells. Imagine “Workers cells” (Growth Factors) layering “Scaffolding” to literally REBUILD tissue where you have damaged tissue. Stem cells release proteins and growth factors that help controlling pain and inflammation in your body. Here at Stem Cell Carolina, We use a couple different methods of regenerative cell therapy. We use the top biotechnology companies in the country that have THIRD PARTY VERIFICATION with their Wharton’s Jelly / Cord blood stem cells. Research is proving that stem cells from Wharton’s Jelly to be best for cartilage regeneration. We also continue to offer adipose “your own fat cells”. For adipose (fat) tissue stem cell therapy, “lipoaspirates” are obtained from your abdominal region through a gentle liposuction procedure that uses numbing agents. Your time in the office for the entire procedure is between 30-90 minutes. Stem Cell Carolina uses the HARVEST Adiprep System to produce the highest concentrates of stem cells and PRP in the field of regenerative medicine.

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You Have Questions about Stem Cell Therapy –
We have ANSWERS!

Did you know you have CHOICES in where to have Stem Cell Therapy performed in Charlotte?

Did you know that some Stem Cell Therapy offices have you go through procedures that ARE “covered by insurance”, and THEN you find out Stem Cell Therapy IS NOT covered by ANY insurance programs?

Did you know there are offices that aren’t utilizing 3-D gait scans to evaluate chronic knee and hip conditions prior to Stem Cell Therapy to improve their gait following their injections?

Did you know there are large medical practices that gave up on the ‘rooster comb’injections years ago because of inadequate results?

Do you know the difference between “Cell Therapy” and actual Stem Cell Therapy?  You need to know the difference!  Recent data published from the National Academy of Sciences is below:
 “Researchers from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, MO say it is possible to use a patient’s own stem cells to grow new cartilage.” 

“In their study, the researchers describe how new cartilage can be grown from a patient’s own stem cells, which are extracted from fat under the skin.” 

Are you considering “Regenerative Medicine Therapy” or “Cell Therapy” that doesn’t involve your own stem cells?  Are you aware that there has been shown to be no active stem cells living/viable after the freeze/thaw process used by “placental tissue allografts” and umbilical cord harvested stem cells?  We have the reports from an independent lab in Cambridge, Massachusetts that detail the REAL FACTS and would be happy to share them with you! Have you consulted with a practice that uses the same stem cell harvesting protocols as Harvard, Duke, Wake Forest, Cleveland Clinic, MD Anderson, and Mayo Clinic?  Do you want the highest concentration of stem cells for your knee, hip, or shoulder absolutely possible?  Yes, you can get this advanced therapy locally!  You’re one step away from a consultation with a no pressure/no “sales driven” office with over 3,000 referrals from local medical groups prior to incorporating the best Stem Cell Therapy harvesting system in the country.

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