Regenerative Therapies such as Stem Cell Therapy and PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) are truly revolutionary and repair tissues in your body that are damaged due to age, disease, and defects. Mesenchymal Stem cell therapy is an intervention that recruits “rescued” stem cells from inside the body and literally regenerates damaged tissues.  Regenerative medicine has evolved with recent advances in tissue engineering technology.  Our regenerative medicine injections combine stem cells, “scaffolding”, cytokines, and growth factors to accelerate the natural healing process.  Literally, we are releasing your own TRAPPED healing potential you have within you!  Here at Stem Cell Carolina, we are using protocols that ensure that it is IMPOSSIBLE for your body to reject.  You are literally healing – yourself!

Stem Cell Therapy   Stem cell therapy is the latest innovation in the field of science and medicine. There are different types of stem cell sources, including amniotic, bone marrow and adipose tissue (fat tissue). The current evidence supports adipose (fat cell harvesting) sources over amniotic stem cell injections for orthopedic conditions. The evidence for stem cell injections demonstrates decreased pain scores, and increases in activities and function. Stem Cells literally grow new tissue and amazingly, differentiate into many different cell types in the body, including cartilage, muscle, tendon, nerve, red blood cell, heart cell, or brain cell!  Where the stem cells are injected, inflammatory markers called “Chemokines” at the damaged tissue sites attract the “Cytokines” in the stem cells.  Imagine “Workers cells” (Growth Factors) layering “Scaffolding” to literally REBUILD tissue where you have damaged tissue.  Stem Cells release proteins and growth factors that help controlling pain and inflammation in your body.  For adipose (fat) tissue stem cell therapy, “lipoaspirates” are obtained from your abdominal region through a gentle liposuction procedure that uses numbing agents. Your time in the office for the entire procedure is between 60-90 minutes.  Stem Cell Carolina uses the HARVEST Adiprep System to produce the highest concentrates of Stem Cells and PRP in the field of regenerative medicine.